Cycling Tips

Slim shoes. My main pair was wet in the rain a few days ago and I had to use running trainers on my morning commute.. it wasn’t great. And a hi-vis and helmet always. Possibly dorky, but dorky is better than dead.”Charlene

“You can cycle wearing pretty much anything you like – no special gear required. Cycling wearing wrap-around skirts does require an extra level of confidence in the attractiveness of your upper thighs, however.”Jen

“Don’t ride within 1.5m of a parked car unless you are happy to hit the pointy end of the car door.  I broke a rib last year.” – Sam

“Stay off the busy streets, use lots of lights.”Bernadette

“Whatever you are doing right now, stop it, and go for a ride.” – Eleanor

“Get decent tyres with kevlar lining so you don’t have to worry about punctures.”Greg

“Lycra ain’t so bad… know Craig, he’s fixed my bike!”Claire

“If you do bicycle a lot, do yourself the favor of spoiling yourself with a chic and comfortable bike. It makes bicycling so much more fun. And yes, remember a solid lock!” AG

“Have good lights and reflectors.”Cheryl

“Do it often so you don’t lose the taste, but then no one really forgets how to ride one.” – Tom

“My cycling tip is to always assume that the cars around you don’t see you and that they will cut you off or turn in front of you.” – Nathan

“Be patient, watch ahead and never never assume someone knows you’re coming.” – Dani

“Get a bell and use it.  Without a bell, make a sound like “ring ring”!” – Anne

“Wear a helmet.” – Emma

“”Make eye contact, invest in good tail lights, and buy an aldi helmet for $16.” –Andrew

“Enjoy the journey, it’s probably better than the destination.” –Will

Spend as little time as possible on a main roads and use the bike tracks to build confidence if you’re new to city cycling.” –Vanessa

“Get some tools and know your own bike.”Craig

“Watch the driver in the cars, not just the car, particularly if they’re talking on a mobile phone!” – Julie

“Choose the path that has fewest cars around you, even the best drivers make mistakes and you have more to lose than they do.” – Richard

“If scared (as I was) to ride on the road, find a friend who isn’t and ask them to ride with you the first few times. I wouldn’t be riding if it wasn’t for my boyfriend Chris who was so patient as I rode with such trepidation at first!” – Cathy

“Beware of the tram tracks in Melbourne. Especially during the rain. Always cross those deceiving little tracks at a 90 degree angle.”Sarah

“Enjoy it” – Yannick

“Keep pedaling. On the road bike: Be aware and predictable. On the tricycle: Be yourself.” – Lowell

“Just do it (and buy a Cambridge Raincoat if you’re worried about the wind or the rain)”Sally

“I’m such a slow ticky tourer, it’s not like I have any serious road tips or anything like that, I would just say adequate head protection.”Tamara

“You’ll be safer on the road if you ride with confidence and give yourself some room (don’t ride in the gutter, it just invites cars to try and pass you at inappropriate moments).” – Andy

“Expect everyone (cars, pedestrians and other cyclists) to cut in front of you, stop suddenly or just not be aware you are there.” – Candice

“Don’t compete with cars or guys in lycra.” – Kathy

“Piggy back other riders when you don’t feel confident.  And don’t be intimidated by fast riders.  Slow and easy is safe and leisurable.” – Carrie

One thought on “Cycling Tips

  1. Michael on said:

    ” Every season is bike season. There is nothing like cutting through some fresh snow with pedal power on a crisp, solitary winter ride.”

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