Tamara – Melbourne

“36 year old, in a happy place doing work that creates positive change, and is obsessed with her dog Leopold”

Why do you ride?

I ride just because I like the pleasure of peddling outside with the wind in my hair.

Best thing about cycling?

Reminds me of being a kid, when I use to ride my bike a lot.

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

I like the roads to be much safer because I only ride my bike on the bike paths, down by the rivers where there are no cars cause I’m too scared to go on the road.  I don’t think that our roads are sufficiently set up to share the roads yet.

Fondest cycling memory?

That would be as a kid when I would spend hours and hours and hours just riding up and down in my street, up and back and up and back.

Cycling tip?

I’m such a slow ticky tourer, it’s not like I have any serious road tips or anything like that, I would just say adequate head protection.

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

Oh dear, don’t really want the world to know anything about me.

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