Jen – Melbourne

“38 year old, co-organiser of Frocks on Bikes Melbourne, rides inner North and as far afield as possible.”

Why do you ride?

For the freedom, for the exercise-without-even-trying, to spend time with friends and to spend time alone.

Best thing about cycling?

Exploring the bike paths and quiet back roads of other countries and Australian wine regions.

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

More bike paths and bike lanes where we don’t have to constantly keep an eye on parked cars to anticipate a potential dooring.

Fondest cycling memory?

So many – Learning to ride (finally) in year 12, with a gentlemanly classmate staying between me and the traffic between school and home each day; the first time coasting down a really big hill near Lake Eildon; riding out to swim in lakes around Berlin on my cobbled-together Green Rocket; riding home from bars in Phnom Penh through quiet streets at 3am; mustering 20 ladies in 40 degree heat for some croquet and Pimm’s at the first Frocks on Bikes Melbourne, and just drifting in to work on any bright crisp Melbourne morning when fellow cyclists share conspiratorial grins at the joy of being out on the road.

Cycling tip?

You can cycle wearing pretty much anything you like – no special gear required. Cycling wearing wrap-around skirts does require an extra level of confidence in the attractiveness of your upper thighs, however.

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

– Not really aiming for world recognition
– Come along to a Frocks on Bikes event (like us at and chat with me instead 🙂
– Sponsor me in my less-frocked cycling persona on Team Yellow Edge, as I raise funds for Cancer Council’s important work by trailing well at the back of the pack on recreational rides through the Victorian countryside with friends

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  1. Jen Makin on said:

    And the photo credit is the delightful Mr Jonathan White.

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