Will – Melbourne

“28 year old, Melburian who loves photography, riding, soccer and golfing.”

Why do you ride?

Apart from being far and away the best way to get around town, the actual act of riding a bike is great fun. It also allows me to get almost anywhere quickly to make the most of lighting conditions for my photography work.

Best thing about cycling?

The freedom.

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

Scrap the mandatory helmet law. Helmets are great, helmet laws are not. See http://HemetFreedom.org for reasons why. Does;t anyone wonder why we are the only country that have this baseless law in place?

Invest properly in separated bike lane infrastructure that actually connects through to destinations.  Follow Europe’s example and keep the streets alive and accessible for pedestrians and cyclists.  The car is not king any more!

Fondest cycling memory?

Doing rad tricks like riding with 1 hand (!) on my BMX at age 9. Exploring every inch of various local neighbourhoods with my trusty mountain bike. Finding and repairing my current bike, Herb.

Cycling tip?

Enjoy the journey, it’s probably better than the destination.

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

– I spend a lot of time on my photography blog, Melbourne Street.

– I’ve been around the world twice.

– I was a regular at Pony for 2 years.  Still recovering.

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