Anne – Melbourne

“68 year old retiree, been riding every day for the past 2 months since losing her licence, though prior she rode very occasionally.”

Why do you ride?
For me, I ride because it’s outdoors, I love being outdoors and it’s a fitness thing, it gets you fit, it really does quite remarkably get you fit.  And for the independence of it.


Best thing about cycling?

The independence, the breeze on the face and the fitness.

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

It would be good if cyclists knew who to contact if they wanted to recommend an improvement to the road, or improvement to cyclists.  On Beaconsfield Parade, I had my accident cause there were only about 3 places on Beaconsfield parade where you can go up a ramp onto the cycling track.  Now I think that could easily changed but I don’t know who to tell.

Fondest cycling memory?

When I was cycling through Fawkner park and it was really muddy and wet, and I was taking my boy to school, he was in prep, so he was about 5, the bike got caught in the mud and we toppled over.  I managed to catch him before he landed.  He didn’t fall (in the mud) but I did.  So I got mud all down one side of me, and I lay there in the mud with him, and we both laughed and laughed, and then he said will you come in (to school) with me?  I said whyyy?  And he said I want you to be in my show and tell.  So I went in and showed them all the mud.  Little kids are so appreciative.  They thought it was terrific.

Cycling tip?

Get a bell and use it.  Without a bell, make a sound like “ring ring”!

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

– I want to write, short stories, memoirs.  I write a lot but I don’t get things published (though) I did get one thing published once and I was thrilled about that and they paid me!
– I suffer from depression.  I came out (with depression) at work just before I retired.  People were really surprised because I looked cheerful, I came across cheerful.  In my case when I’m really down, I get angry with people, and I wish people knew that (depression being the root of anger). After I’d given my talk, a lot of people came up to me afterwards and said that was terrific, that was really interesting, my wife…., my husband…, I was pleased about that.
– I would have loved to traveled.  I wish I had more money to travel.  I wish I had traveled when I first wanted to, long before it became so fashionable.

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