Adrian – Melbourne

“21 year old, aspiring war photographer who likes formula 1, football and border collies.”

Why do you ride?

There’s a number of reasons but I guess the main one for me is the sense of adventure. Ever since I first managed to ride around free of training wheels in my parents back yard, I’ve been rolling around looking for adventure. Being on a bike gives you a much different perspective of a place as opposed to driving or getting the train, you see, hear and feel things that you normally wouldn’t.

Best thing about cycling?

What it does for my legs. Well that and the amount of fun and freedom you get from it. I use it as my escape from work, uni and everything else.

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

I think Melbourne has got it pretty god’. In the past it certainly wasn’t the most bike friendly place but slowly and surely more separated bike lanes are being added in the CBD.  I’ve heard (but never experience) that cities like Copenhagen are absolutely fantastic and super bike friendly, it would be awesome if Melbourne could be regarded in the same way down the track.

Fondest cycling memory?

No way could I narrow it down to just one. There is the memories of the first time I could ride a bike without training wheels. There’s messing around with mates on the hills we grew up near. The jumps, the crashes, the dodgy downhill movies. There’s late night trips across town, trips to 7/11 at 3am to get snacks, running the gauntlet through the city during peak hour traffic. Its jumping on the road bike and heading for the hills or heading down the peninsula or great ocean road. Just a massive culmination of awesome times.

Cycling tip?

Just be out there much as you can. Don’t plan to go anywhere in particular just jump on your bike and go for it. After all, outside is free.

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

  • I am close to unbeatable on FIFA13
  • For someone who doesn’t drink I think I like bars and pubs a little too much
  • I’ve spent the last few years trying to acquire several of my nonna’s recipes. She still wont budge.
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