Tom – London

“25 year old, urban planner/designer originally from Aus, living in London who loves to pedal about.”

Why do you ride?

I always have. I was on a bike before I could even reach the ground, got into bmx as a teenager and now I ride to commute. It’s healthy, fun and gives you the freedom to explore places in any way you like.

Best thing about cycling?

The best thing about cycling is that feeling you get when you beat a car off the lights, or smash it super fast down a hill. No matter how young or old, every rider still gets an amazing bit of a rush when they ride. It’s beats walking or sitting in a car seat, that’s for sure.

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

Obviously as a planner, I’d like to see all the necessary bicycle infrastructure that cities need; bike paths (when necessary), stopping bays, bike racks, lockers and showers in work places for people who ride into work (especially in Aus). But I think what’s needed most, is a change of attitude towards cycling in cities. A lot of drivers have anger towards cyclists, or simply don’t take care when driving on a road with them. It’s easy to forget how vulnerable cyclists are sometimes. Attitudes seem to be changing in different places at different rates, but there’s a long way to go!

Fondest cycling memory?

Riding around on my bmx bike on school break on a hot summers day.

Cycling tip?

Never assume that a driver has seen you and always lock up your bike.

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

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