The Bike Project – Melbourne

The Bike Project is made up of a Swede, a Norweigian and an Australian who are all about entertaining and offering home brewed lemonade “Juicing Since Yesterday” in Melbourne.”

Why do you ride?

We started The Bike Project because we like to have a conversation and entertain Melbournians. The bike makes it possible for us to move around as a micro-event. We like to put smiles on peoples faces and serve them a refreshing lemonade when they lest expect it!

Best thing about cycling?

It is environmentally friendly! Being outside, meeting people and getting a strange look or two..

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

More naked bike rides organized or not!

Fondest cycling memory?

Having the first ride ever down from Sydney rd in Brunswick to Rmit. It took an hour and we discovered that the bike is not riding straight lol.

Cycling tip?

Always wear helmet so in case of a swan diving into traffic it will be a fun adventure.

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

– We are all about making things from scratch and enjoying life on the bike, appreciating the fun moments and conversations.

– We care about the environment therefor we bike and make our own lemonade from the backyard lemon tree that is 100 years old (must be).

– “peace”

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