Raquel – Melbourne

“27 year old, who’s not ashamed to ‘weeee!!!’ while rolling down hills.”

Why do you ride?

It is a fun, fast, free and convenient way to get around. It’s the only mode of transportation that makes me happy and I can’t get enough of!

Best thing about cycling?

The freedom, the wind in my hair, the sunshine on my face and the feeling of flying. It is also a unique but inexpensive way of expressing yourself.

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

I would really like to see better infrastructure for bicycles, not just the token painted stencil and lines. I believe more people will take up bicycling if there were better infrastructure that actually made them feel safe. I would also like to see the mandatory helmet laws repealed in Australia. Helmets make cycling look like a dangerous activity when it’s actually not!

Fondest cycling memory?

Taking my little brother to and from school on my bike when I was about 9.

Cycling tip?

There’s no such thing as over-ringing your bell! It has saved me from close calls (eg. doorings, inattentive pedestrians and drivers) plenty of times. Also, never be apprehensive about commanding the lane.

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

– I am the Social Media and Projects Manager for Melbourne Cycle Chic.

– I only ever ride in dresses and skirts.

– Paris inspired me to take up cycling in Melbourne.

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