Meg – Vancouver

“a Deadly Nightshade. Marketing consultant at DEUXDEER. She likes bikes, fashion, sustainability, veggies, democracy & love, love, love…

Why do you ride?

I guess I started because all of my friends did, and it made the most sense for where I lived in downtown Toronto. Now I live in Vancouver and my commute to work ( is by some beautiful green bike-ways and along the sea wall. It’s inspiring and puts me in a a great mood. It’s also better for our environment, takes away power from a few big corporations who act not-so-nice, and offers a great sense of community. Bikes are also the BEST way to get from party to party.

Best thing about cycling?

Having a nice bum. (I’m very serious, nice bums are an important part of life.)

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

Teaching love and understanding. Also, if you are going to pass me please just say “on your left” so we can avoid a possible collision. Also, only pass on the left, streets ain’t the velodrome. (I guess this applies to North America.)

I’d also love for there to be more women in C-level positions in the bike industry, and along those lines for women not be dictated by men on what to look like/act like on a bike. We can make our own rules on what we want to be, on and off a bike.

Fondest cycling memory?

Maybe it’s being tipsy on scotch in Las Vegas riding down the middle of “The Strip” which was all astro-turff and fake plants. That was cool. Or being filmed by Helicopter during Critical Mass in Toronto for a documentary that was being produced on The Deadly Nightshades. Or being kissed while bombing down a hill. Maybe riding the closed-down board-walk of Coney Island at Sunset in November. Or biking, eating and enjoying the valley I called home with 4 thousands other cyclists for the Pemberton Slow Food Cycle. Maybe my sunny ride to work this morning along the Sea Wall. Exploring the bike paths along the river in Montreal with an old friend. Or getting yelled at by New Yorkers while swarming the city in our shinny Sea Foam jackets for BFF 2010. This past 1,500 Bike Rave in Vancouver… So my answer is: all.

Cycling tip?

  • Smile.
  • Signal early, signal often.
  • Read magazines and blogs, participate in discussions.
  • Carry the stuff you need to repair a flat on a group ride- because it’s bound to happen.
  • Be understanding on the road. Everyone, and I mean everyone, makes mistakes.

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

I’m not as tough as I look. Or I am tougher then I look.

I’d kill for my friends/ do anything for love.

I think the purpose of life is to improve your surroundings and contribute to your society. I think everyone can lead richer lives when this is the basis of how they operate.

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One thought on “Meg – Vancouver

  1. Love it.
    May have forgotten to mention. Safety first! Wear a Helmet! :*)

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