Chip – Melbourne

“46 year old communications professional, social justice activist and former Australian Army major.”

Why do you ride?

I ride to save money on fuel and public transport and for fitness. Unfortunately I am one of those people who gains weight very easily so I have to exercise a lot.

Best thing about cycling?

For me it’s the feeling I get when I’m in the middle of a ride that also lasts a while after I finish. I sit at a desk most of the day and it’s great to get moving. Cycling incorporates exercising into my daily routine of getting to work and back.

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

Better bike paths away from traffic, especially in the CBD. Riding up Exhibition St every morning and afternoon can be terrifying for cars and cyclists. I also think cyclists should be allowed to “cautiously proceed” through red lights that are not at an intersection. For example, when pedestrians have completely crossed the street it would be good if cyclists could continue. I would also like to be able to turn left on a red light with caution as is the law in the US (except they turn right on red).

Fondest cycling memory?

Riding around Bocas Del Torro in Panama at sunset, peering inside the glowing  local homes and ending up riding along their local airport tarmac with the local kids!

Cycling tip?

There are many but my favourite was a little trip I did with my wife from Geelong Station to Queenscliff on the old rail trail. I’d like to do that one again. It’s a 36km ride in varying trail conditions.

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

– I love my family.

– I love making and drinking beer.

– I love playing Eurogames, rugby union and American football.

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