Monica – Melbourne

“28 year old, newbie on twitter (find her @ram_sofia) blogs about optimism, social change and i n d i v i d u a l s..”

Why do you ride?

I love the control that jumping on your bike and taking off gives you – no waiting around for buses or trams.

Best thing about cycling?

The exercise is a big drawcard and the ability to connect with the city you live in without a metal box around you is also a beautiful feeling!

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

Many many more bike parking stations and a greater awareness of bike theft around inner city Melbourne.

Fondest cycling memory?

Riding around Bocas Del Torro in Panama at sunset, peering inside the glowing  local homes and ending up riding along their local airport tarmac with the local kids!

Cycling tip?

Have fun, be careful and encourage non riding friends to ride more often 🙂

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

– My partner and I rode a Royal Enfield motorbike across beautiful India  earlier this year which as a wild experience! Still unsure if sure I would actively recommend…

– In the winter time a friend and I hibernate  and run a little sustainable poncho (soon to be clothing) company called A.M.ASSEMBLY on etsy.

– The lovely Carrie who runs this bike blog encouraged me to start my own little blog promoting thought around consumption, its begun as a Uni assignment at this stage but I would love to see it grow.

[note from the editor:  Monica is too sweet to include me as one of her 3 things.  What you don’t know but will know now is one of her poncho’s was worned during Buy Nothing New Month 2012 by Ms Jones as part of The New Joneses project]

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