Miss Anonymity – Nairobi

“30ish year old, navigating Nairobi on two wheels and sheer will-power and blogs at http://shecyclesnairobi.wordpress.com.”

Why do you ride?

It makes me happy and I get to work in 20minutes down from 1 hour by
public transport. I also want to get some exercise into my daily

Best thing about cycling?

That adrenaline and endorphins rush combination from the work out and
the scary navigation through cycling-infrastructureless Nairobi. I
love the truck drivers who want to move their giant long haul trucks
to give me room along the curb. The motor cyclists who pull up
alongside me in traffic offer to let me hang on to their bikes to get
me moving faster, they think I am crazy to be cycling instead of using
a motor cycle…It’s not about speed.

What improvements would you like to see for cyclists?

I don’t mind jostling with motorists for space. Would live to see the
former parking meter poles in the city turned to cycle hoops for safer
bike parking in Nairobi.

Fondest cycling memory?

Sharing one bike with my sisters and half the kids in my neighbourhood
as a child.

Cycling tip?

Always wear your helmet and a reflector vest day or night (in Nairobi
anyway)…and the fingerless cycling gloves to prevent tarmac burn if
you fall off the bike. Invest in well fitting good grip cycling shoes.
Freshen up good when you walk or cycle in to work, your colleagues can
sense if you don’t – fresh blouse, undies and all. PUH!!

3 things you’d love the world to know about you?

I believe if more women are cycling in Nairobi, the roads will be safer.

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